Reasons to use Android

Reasons to use Android

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1.- More choices- How many phones run iOS? just one. Compare that to the numerous amount of Android based phones. The choices are sweet!

2.- Open source- It’s easy to develop an app on it with your own branding, You can even modify the operating system.

3.- Affordable development – To get your own app out there, you don’t need to pay exotic licensing and development fees.

4.- Distribute anywhere – With iOS apps, you need to use the App Store. With Android just publish the app whereever you wish

5.- It’s by Google – Let’s be honest: How likely are you to switch from Gmail to a service provided by Apple? Sure, iOS has a Gmail? app, but it’s as inconvenient as an apple pie without the crust. Android’s Gmail app lets you manage your account so well that you might end up forgetting to check your computer altogether. This can go hand-in-hand with Google Apps’ Gmail services, which let you tie a company email to Gmail’s servers.

6.- Apple exercises ironfisted control over what you can do with your own phone- with Android you have the Ability to root the phone and customize the keyboard, dialer, SMS program, email program, photo gallery, launcher, among other things

7.- No Syncing Required – the stupid itunes is one of the fugly things I hate the most, using a computer to transfer music to the device It’s a pain but it’s Apple’s way of keeping their users coming back to iTunes, with Andoird you need a standar USB cable

8.- Replaceable Batteries – One of the things that irked me most about the iPhone and the iPad was the battery. It’s not removable, and if it goes, you have to get a? whole new device, Android devices have their own batteries which are replaceable. If the battery goes, you just buy a new one.

9.- Cameras – Apple made a huge mistake in not including a good quality camera, most Android devices has HD cameras that includes a led Flash

10.- Adobe Flash – iPhone webkit cant handle Flash wich is plain stupid, Android runs flash tecnology just flawlessy

11.- As a user, I never need to buy an application. Moreover and surprisingly, there are many apps on Android that simply have no equivalent on iOS plus App stores like Amazon and GetJar compete with the Market by offering paid apps for free.

There are more Reasons to use Android but you will find it by yourself, last but not less, total freedom and flexibility that comes with Android.